A few word about us

Our business was founded in 1990 as an independent business. Our main work was setting ceramic tiles. In 1996 we established a corporation called Molnar Ceramia Kft. The founder members of the corporation and the owners are engineers and specialists who have special experience in this field. Our company has been a constantly developing company for the last decades. During our works we lay stress on the quality. Our flexibility, agility and our proficiency is the guarantee for the satisfaction of the customers. Our purpose is to build houses with well qualified materials.

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Construction industry and trade

Construction industry

We are ready to undertake full-scaled constructions with arrangements and being general constructor.

Our costumers have a choice to choose between the different building materials and systems, for example: doors, windows (wooden, plastic), heating systems (floor heating, wall heating, radiator heating), ceilings (concrete ceiling, wooden ceiling) etc.

What’s behind our company’s success? We always make every effort to acquiring the new and high technology in order that we will be able to give answers for the new challenges. We pay attention to having long and flourishing cooperation beetween us and our clients.

Branch office:
Address: 1/C Szlányi str., Gyula, H-5700
Storage – Store
Tel.: +36 66 462 921
Fax: +36 66 463 267
Mobile: +36 30 2699 064
Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 8-18, Saturday: 8-12

Branch office
Branch office


You can find everything in our storage that you need for covering with ceramic tile.

You can built your dreamlike bathroom from our products. High quality German and Italian ceramic tiles, working materials, glass bricks can be found in all size and color. You can build cosy and colorfull bathroom using our elegant bath furniture sets, wash-basin taps, radiators and accessories.

Our purpose is to make yourself at home in the bathroom.

Bathroom store:
Address: 4 Bartók Béla str., Gyula, H-5700
Tel.: +36 66 462 674
Opening hours: Monday to Friday: am:8-12, pm:14-18, Saturday: 8-12

Bathroom store
Bathroom store