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Our business was founded in 1990 as an independent business. Our main work was setting ceramic tiles. In 1996 we established a corporation called Molnar Ceramia Kft. The founder members of the corporation and the owners are engineers and specialists who have special experience in this field. Our company has been a constantly developing company for the last decades. During our works we lay stress on the quality. Our flexibility, agility and our proficiency is the guarantee for the satisfaction of the customers. Our purpose is to build houses with well qualified materials.

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koláshoz szükséges segéd- és kiegészítő anyagokat mutatjuk be, valamint tanácsot adunk a legmegfelelőbb technológia kiválasztásához. Ezek ismeretében a barkácsolók és a szakemberek is elkerülhetik a burkolási hibákat.

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The Tessedik Samuel Collage of Szarvas did some researching work supported by the Ministry of Education. The sloving problem is recycling the waste thermal waters that separeted the water-soluble materials, salts and researching industrial methods where the substance like elementary substance or auxiliary substance can be recycled. In the end the researching heading forwards an interesting way because the developed product is a building–covering material which is absolutely require an other waste, the glass packing material.

Our company has been occupied in researcing and
development since 2005.

Our company has a turnover of 300-500 million Huf a year or uses ceramics or other industrial silicate product. We have already met technological and economical problems so we know the market well. According to our modest capital the undertaking of the researching and development maybe a bit deviated from the general industrial tendency. According to the work which was made in the collage, this product become very close to the industrial adoption so it is worth taking on the risk.

The product similar than the structure of the concrete binder-auxiliary material. The binder material is an unclarified structured CA-AL silicate which cannot ranks among the hydraulic auxiliary materials but because of the low temperature (150 C°) during the fabrication it is not an burnt ceramic. It is impossible that the Al-Si structure will come into being which is quite typical of these. From the natural materials the opal or the emerald are very close relatives. Among the wide-spread materials the calciferaus-sand products are close relatives but probably the closest relative is the wall plaster from the Great Wall of China. In the latter case instead of using nano silicate rice flour was added. We were informed that the University of San Paulo is doing some research on the same project. Connection with the project further researching would be necessary.

Evidence of our examination the product can be used inside and it is pretty sure it can be used outside as well. We have every reason to think that highly developed variety is marketable with asphalt road surface.

We are developing the sport ground surface especially for tennis courts. Normaly applied elastic surface is not really popular because the sunshine make the elastic surface very sticky and it is expensive. The hard surface definitely cause pain in the joints.

The means of productions that are in course of fabrication are small–scaled because we counted with 4-5 employees. Just only the secondary reason is the lack of capital. The main reason, we would like to specialize on recycling the wasted glass and it would be sensibly if we could eliminate the transport since we are working from local waste with local employees for the local market. This method is absolutely opposite of the present method. As far as we know the melting is the only way for recycling the stained glass and the closest blast furnaces has been founded in Czech Republic and Poland.

Our technology has a big advantage because it can be used in small firms.

For continue the researching if it is possible we would like to complete for state financial assistance. If it is nessesary we would like to find such a partner who has mobil capital for the permanent investments. One project is still under preparation. The subject of the project is how we can recycle the 400.000 m3 used heating termal water which come from the Barex Kft. in every year.

Theta cover

The Theta cover is a brand new product from the Molnar Ceramia Kft. The new cover has a special quality because if we devide the bigger rhoumbus by the smaller one it is always an irrational number which starts with 1.618. The ancient arts called this number, Theta. There is possible such an arrangement where the pattern never repated in an infinity territory.


Theta Cover
Theta Cover

Fancy goods

Fancy goods
Fancy goods are made by recycled waste thermal water and glass